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NSquared Dance is a professional dance company founded in 2014 by Artistic Directors Nick Neagle & Zackery Betty. NSquared Dance seeks to positively impact lives through dance by providing high quality performances to the public. Originated out of New York City, NSquared is now Manchester, New Hampshire's premiere contemporary dance company. Our goal is to build a company on the foundation of versatility. 
NSquared Directors: Zackery Betty & Nick Neagle
Not only do we aspire to house dancers who have the facility to execute various genres, but to create a repertoire that can engage an audience while covering many contrasting styles. We believe that dance is an avenue for self-expression and a conduit of communication between the passionate artist and the receptive spectator. 
NSquared Dancers: Sallie Werst, Ava Girard & Dana Mazurowski 
NSquared Dance strives to: energize audiences through movement, enhance creativity, artistry, passion, and drive of youth and aspiring dancers, and enlighten the community about the importance of performing arts education and to further its integration into our everyday lives. 
NSquared Dancer: Rachel Bobek
NSquared Dancers: Sallie Werst & Nathan Duszny
 Since 2014 NSquared Dance has created over 15 works toured throughout the United States. The company has produced three split-bill shows in NYC and two full company tours to Portland, Maine. The company has been featured in festivals in Seattle, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, Boston, Pittsburgh, and of course Manchester, NH. NSquared Dance is to provide the Northern part of New England with the contemporary dance experience, providing new outlets to visualize dance in the community.

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